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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Romance and Suspense on Sale! Two books for #99c each or free in #KindleUnlimited - #Romance #RomanticSuspense

Desert Gold, “Smart romance with an ‘Indiana Jones’ feel,” is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 100 reviews! It's only 99 cents, or free in #KindleUnlimited. And until September 29, book 2 in the series, Valley of Gems, is also just 99 cents! (The books are linked but each stands alone, with no cliffhangers.) 

See the Treasure Hunting Romantic Suspense series page on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Desert Gold: Southwest Treasure Hunters book 1

Packed full of everything you could wish for in one book – action, danger, romance, treasure and mystery.” – Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

The lost Victorio Peak treasure is the stuff of legends—a heretic Spanish priest’s gold mine, made richer by the spoils of bandits and an Apache raider. When Erin, a quiet history professor, uncovers a clue that may pinpoint the lost treasure cave, she prepares for adventure. But when a hit and run driver nearly kills her, she realizes she’s not the only one after the treasure. And is Drew, the handsome helicopter pilot who found her bleeding in a ditch, really a hero, or one of the enemy? 

“Fast, fun, romance and adventure, What more can you ask for” –  reader Niki Driscoll

Valley of Gems: Southwest Treasure Hunters series book 2

Rebecca Westin’s grandfather left a buried treasure, and a complex series of clues. Her half-siblings are determined to reach the treasure first. Good thing Rebecca has Sam, making their desert adventure sexy and fun. But a treacherous enemy also wants that treasure – and revenge. 

“I can't say enough how much I LOVED this book! It has mystery, adventure, danger, romance, and above it all family remains a huge theme.”  reader Jules R.


Rebecca’s hand shook as she reached for the box. It was a metal candy tin for peppermint bark. Maybe Grandpa had a sweet tooth? Or was this some random trash left by a tourist too lazy to bring it back to his car? She straightened and gazed down at the box. It had to hold the next clue. It would be too much of a coincidence – and too heartbreaking – if it were anything else.

She glanced at Sam and he nodded in encouragement, drawing close to her side. She swung open the lid. Several folded pieces of paper lay inside. A strip of masking tape on the inside lid had words in marker: “Take one and leave the others unless you are the last.”

Rebecca pulled out the top piece of paper and unfolded it.

Are they witches in disguise
Or prophets of the future?
The men who came here didn’t know.
They had destruction on their minds.
And they changed the world.
They ate of the flesh among bombers and bullets.
And so should you!

Then past the dead soldiers you’ll find a dead end.
One is the loneliest number.
Walled off from its fellows.
Pay your respects and do not forget.

Another baffling poem. Rebecca wrinkled her nose. “This one’s kind of gruesome.”

“No kidding. What about the other papers?”

Rebecca crouched by a handy rock – not one with petroglyphs – and used it as a table. She pulled out the papers one by one and skimmed them. “They all seem to be the same.”

“We’d better double check to be sure. You read one and I’ll follow along on another.” They checked the five pieces of paper that way; all were identical.

“One for each of the grandchildren, I suppose. In case we weren’t working together.” Rebecca examined the box itself before returning four pieces of paper to it. Sophia would not be collecting her copy, but Rebecca couldn’t see any point in taking it, and the note said, “Take one.” Rebecca closed the box and stood.

For a moment, the world spun. She took a quick breath.

Sam’s arm came around her. “Okay?”

Two more deep breaths and she could answer. “Fine now, thanks. Just a little lightheaded.” She was tempted to lean into him, to relax against his shoulder. She resisted the urge. “I know, I know, drink water. Let me put this back.”

She returned the box to its hiding place, picked up the bottle she’d set down while looking at the clue, and finished the water. Sam hovered closely, as if to support her if she needed help. She couldn’t quite decide if she wished she needed help or was glad she didn’t. She wouldn’t fake helplessness, though, and the weakness had passed.

She gave Sam a bright smile. “All better now. I just stood up too fast.”

He studied her intently. She hadn’t realized how green his eyes were, or how the tiny laugh lines around them made him both sexy and approachable. Her heart thudded in her chest. You keep looking at me like that, and I won’t be fine.

See the Treasure Hunting Romantic Suspense series page on Amazon US or Amazon UK

I love that the author makes this book interactive – if the reader wants it to be. You can go online and download a printable copy of the treasure map and try to decipher the clues yourself. I found that it be a fun addition to the book, plus you'll also get awesome Southwestern recipes.”

Valley of Gems Bonus Material: Download a printable list of the clues and recipes from the book on the Romantic Suspense Novels page of my website.

The Southwest Romantic Suspense series includes Desert Gold, Valley of Gems, and Silver Canyon.  Each novel stands alone and is complete, with no cliffhangers. This series mixes action and adventure with light romance in the Southwest. This series was originally published as The Mad Monk’s Treasure, The Dead Man’s Treasure, and The Skeleton Canyon Treasure.

New Mexico Book Award-winning author Kris Bock writes novels of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her outdoor adventures explore Southwestern landscapes. Whispers in the Dark features archaeology and intrigue among ancient Southwest ruins. What We Found is a mystery with strong romantic elements about a young woman who finds a murder victim in the woods. In Counterfeits, stolen Rembrandt paintings bring danger to a small New Mexico town. Learn more at or visit her Amazon page.

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Read & Review Romance: A witch solving a murder, a massage therapist tackling a football player, a good girl drawn into danger, and more! Get Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, and Romantic Suspense free in the hopes that you'll provide an honest review.

Young Adult Bookish Event. Check out all the young adult books and enter the giveaway to win a $12 Amazon gift card. Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium: The Teenage Adventures of Felony Melanie (Based on characters from the movie Sweet Home Alabama) is featured September 9!

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Kris Bock writes novels of mystery, suspense, and romance. She has lived in ten states and one foreign country but is now firmly planted in the Southwest, where many of her books are set. Her romantic suspense novels include stories of treasure hunting, archaeology, and intrigue. Readers have called these novels "Smart romance with an Indiana Jones feel."  

Learn more at or visit Kris Bock’s Amazon US page or Amazon UK page. (For other countries click here.) Get a free 25-page story set in the world of the Furrever Friends cat café when you sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter. You can also follow me on Amazon (go to my author page and click on the “Follow” button to the left) or BookBub (button in the upper right corner) if you only want New Release Alerts.

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Felony Melanie in the Big Smashup: A #SweetHomeAlabama romantic comedy novel is ON SALE 99c to Sep 12 (free in KU) #RomCom #RomanticComedy #YAlit

Felony Melanie in the Big Smashup: A Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy novel (The Teenage Adventures of Felony Melanie Book 2) - ON SALE 99c to Sep 12 (free in KU). 

Visit the Amazon series page for Felony Melanie: Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy novels.

It’s a hoot reading about the teenage adventures of Melanie’s that she was teased about in the movie. A must read for Sweet Home Alabama fans.” – Kerri W.

Meet teen “Felony Melanie” years before the events of the movie Sweet Home Alabama in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy series.

Summer is almost over, so it’s time to have some fun! Jake and his buddies are fixing up old cars so they can destroy them in the Pigeon Creek demolition derby. After all, what’s more fun than smashing into things?

Girls don’t do demolition derby. Everyone says so. But Melanie is tired of sitting on the sidelines. Why should the guys have all the fun? She can smash up a car as well as anyone! 

The guys don’t want a girl intruding on their turf, and it’s not so easy for a broke teenager like Melanie to find and fix up an old car. She recruits some helpers and unearths an old, junked car, but everyone from Jake to the sheriff wants to keep her off the track.

Is the town ready for a female demolition derby driver? Is anybody ever ready for Felony Melanie?

“Laugh out loud funny with high school hi-jinx during a small town’s annual celebration. Melanie is a sixteen year old who has a handsome boyfriend, a good circle of friends, a mom who wants the best for her, and a penchant for trouble. She’s not actively looking for trouble, it just seems to follow her everywhere!” – ReadingForRelaxation

Visit the Amazon series page for Felony Melanie: Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy novels.


Melanie stepped in front of Jake. Her blue eyes flashed. “We’ve wasted half the day on your stupid car. I want to go to the swimming hole.”

Jake looked over at Clinton and Eldon, but they were studying the car, avoiding eye contact. He didn’t want them calling him whipped.

“I’m sorry, Mel. We only got a week. We’ve got to get on this axle thing.”

“Fine. You don’t have time for me? Maybe I don’t have time for you either. I’m not going to wait around to cheer from the sidelines while you boys have all the fun.”

She stood as tall as her little frame would allow. “I’ll get my own car for the demolition derby. Then we’ll see what’s what.”

Jake stared, his mouth half open. She had to be joking.

Snickers erupted from Clinton and Eldon.

Melanie swung toward them, her hands fisted on her hips. “What’s so funny?”

“No-nothing,” Clinton choked out.

Eldon slapped his knee. “Just trying to picture you manhandling a big old junk car around the demolition lot. Or would that be girl-handling?”

“You going to sit on a phone book?” Clinton doubled over in laughter.

Jake let out a chuckle. He dragged his face back into a serious expression and glanced at Melanie, but it was too late. Her eyes had narrowed, and her stubborn little chin was set. Dammit, they shouldn’t have laughed. He might have been able to talk her down. No way would she back down now.

Melanie spun on her heels. “Come on, girls, we need to find a car.” 

“This is a book that you can’t put down. It’s filled with action, well-drawn fun characters, and Southern charm. Guarantee!” – Suzanne B.

Visit the Amazon series page for Felony Melanie: Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy novels.

Douglas J. Eboch is a screenwriter and author who wrote the original screenplay to the movie Sweet Home Alabama starring Reese Witherspoon. His sister is the author of over 100 books under the names Kris Bock, M.M. Eboch and Chris Eboch.

Visit Doug’s website, his scriptwriting blog, or his Amazon page. Find Doug on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Visit Kris’s website, Amazon page, or her blog, the Southwest Armchair Traveler. Find Kris on BookBub, GoodReads, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

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Kittens and Kisses at the Cat Café: A Furrever Friends Sweet #Romance is free September 3-7! “I absolutely love this heartfelt series.” #sweetromance #contemporaryromance

Kittens and Kisses at the Cat Café: A Furrever Friends Sweet Romance is free September 3-7! Visit the Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series page on Amazon US or Amazon UK. (For other countries click here.)

He’s loved her forever. She still sees him as the neighbor kid. Can five desperate kittens bring them together? 

“It's fabulous watching the bond developed between Adam and Marley. 5 stars for sure!”

Marley is a baker at the new Furrever Friends Cat Café, which is still trying to find its footing. Her nine-year-old son, Brian, desperately wants a kitten, but they can’t have pets where they live. Who has the time to date? Just as well that she’s protected her heart since the father of her child disappeared. 

Adam has loved Marley since he was 13, and she was his best friend’s free-spirited older sister. Back then, he fantasized about rescuing her from bandits or dragons. Now he’s 24, and the five-year age gap isn’t so serious. He wants nothing more than to become a family with Marley and her son. But will she ever see him as a man? 

When someone leaves a box of week-old kittens at the café, Adam jumps at the chance to be a hero. But herding kittens might be tougher than fighting dragons, especially when two of them fail to thrive. Can Adam, Marley, and Brian save the kittens and find a future together?

“The second in this series is just as sweet as the first, and the characters, which we met in the first book, are even more rounded out and real. If Marley ever grows tired of Adam, I want him! The characters in this book are kind and earnest, which is so refreshing.”


Marley strode to the front door. “We don’t open for another ten minutes. I don’t understand why whoever it is couldn’t wait. Nobody needs coffee that badly.” She pushed it open, glanced around, and looked down. “Oh.”

“What is it?” He couldn’t see past her, but something in her voice made him want to drag her back, get out front, and protect her.

She opened the door wider, moving with it so he could see.

He looked down at a cardboard box filled with wriggling fur. “Kittens?”

Marley crouched, propping the door open with her hip. “Five of them. oh, they’re adorable.”

Adam went down on one knee beside her. One kitten was black, another black and white. One was white with specks of tan. The fourth had a brown pattern, while the fifth had orange and white swirls.

Adam scanned the area for any people. A couple of cars drove down the street. Someone from another business brought out the trash. Whoever had left the box had disappeared. In a car, they could be blocks away.

“They’re gone,” he said. “I guess they figured leaving kittens at a cat café was like leaving a baby on the doorstep of an orphanage.”

Marley stroked her finger over one tiny head. “But it’s not. We can’t even take them inside. All the cats here have had their vaccinations, but we don’t know anything about these. They’re so tiny, surely they shouldn’t be away from their mother yet.”

Marley looked up at him, her brown eyes luminous. “What are we going to do? I’m supposed to open in a few minutes. We can’t bring them inside. We can’t leave them here. They’re so young.”

When he was 13, he’d imagined slaying dragons for her. At 15, he’d pictured himself defending her from a gang of muggers. By 17, the daydreams had gotten slightly more realistic. He might pull her back before she stepped in the path of a speeding car. He might rescue Brian from drowning or choking, or find him in the woods when he’d wandered off. It didn’t matter that they didn’t have a forest within two miles. Adam simply wanted to be Marley’s hero. He’d been waiting for the chance. He could certainly take care of this little problem.

“I’ll deal with it.”

Visit the Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series page on Amazon US or Amazon UK. (For other countries click here.) Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café: a Furrever Friends Sweet Romance #1 is also free! Plus, get Lions and Love at the Cat Café when you sign up for Kris Bock’s email newsletter.

Kris Bock writes novels of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. Watch as they fall in love with each other and shelter cats. Get a free 35-page novella set in the world of the Furrever Friends cat café when you sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter. You’ll also get a printable copy of the recipes mentioned in the cat café novels.

Kris also writes romantic suspense set in the Southwestern U.S. If you love Mary Stewart or Barbara Michaels, try Kris Bock’s stories of treasure hunting, archaeology, and intrigue in the Southwest. Learn more at or visit Kris Bock’s Amazon US page or Amazon UK page. (For other countries click here.)