Monday, August 24, 2015

Western History Mysteries

Author Earl Staggs has started a series of articles called “History’s Rich With Mysteries” at Kevin’s Corner (“Book Reviews and More”). These might be of interest to fans of Southwest travel and history:

The Mystery of Billy the Kid – “While some facts about Billy the Kid’s life are known, much about him is supposition, exaggeration, myth, and tales told around a campfire, leaving us with a number of mysteries surrounding his life and death. …”

Who Was Etta Place? – “She has come down to us through history as the best known female outlaw of that period and some say, the most beautiful. And the most mysterious. No one is certain where she came from before she hooked up with Butch and Sundance ….”

Author Rabbi Ilene Schneider wrote about “The Life and Legend of Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp – “Many years ago, read that Wyatt Earp’s wife was Jewish. … Okay, so the supposed “facts” of her birth are, at best, murky. But it is known that her parents were Jewish immigrants from Prussia….”

And from author J. Michael Orenduff, and entertaining, more recent true story from Mogollon, New Mexico: The Legend of Burro Joe – “Was Burro Joe a brilliant scientist or a man on the run after murdering his wife? J. Michael Orenduff recalls his encounter with the mysterious recluse.”

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  1. All three of the authors you mentioned are writers whom I'd highly recommend. Great choices!