Thursday, July 21, 2016

Reviews for The Skeleton Canyon Treasure

The Skeleton Canyon Treasure is now available, and reviews are coming in!  

The Skeleton Canyon Treasure is a light, breezy action/adventure/romance that's perfect for summer reading.” – Jennifer Bohnhoff

"I enjoyed the back and forth interactions between Camie and Ryan especially the references and quotes from movies to fit their situations. There is humor and there is suspense. This was an enjoyable and well-written book. This was a fun read."  QA

“This was my first one to read in this series but I definitely want to read books 1 & 2. The character to me that stole the show was Tiger the cat. Adorable and I think he actually brought these two together. A great mystery, love story, and search for a treasure. Kris gives so much detail the reader feels like they are on the adventure as well as Camie and Ryan.” – Renee

"I don’t read a lot of suspenseful action adventure light romance books but if they are anything like the way Ms. Bock writes than I am definitely reading more of them. I loved Ms. Bock’s way that she weaved an intricate story of treasure, the old Southwestern Arizona and New Mexico with wonderfully developed characters that I could barely put the book down!"   Roslynn

“Another winner from Kris Bock. The setting and descriptions made me feel like I was walking through the desert right with Camie, Ryan, and Tiger. Camie is full of attitude and sass, and she doesn’t take either from anyone else. The movie references they shot at each other were fun. I liked the adventure, the danger and the plausible solutions with the experience of the characters. I could see this story happening in real life.
I also liked that the references to earlier books in the series made me go want to read them, which I intend to do right away, but didn’t ruin either book for me. If you like strong women and adventure, you’re going to love this.
I received an advanced copy in return for an honest review. And I can honestly say I enjoyed the book and I'm off to read the others.” – Frostfire

If you love suspense and romance, don’t miss this gripping adventure!

Learn more and read a sample at the Kris Bock website.

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