Monday, May 1, 2017

Western Author Melody Groves

This week’s featured artist is Melody Groves. Melody loves cowboys, gunslingers, and everything Western. She is the award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. Her latest is She Was Sheriff, which sounds great!

“All She Wanted Was a Gold Band- 
What She Got Was a Tin Star”

For as long as she could remember, Maud Overstreet figured she’d grow up, get married, have a house with a white picket fence and a brood of kids. Now, in 1872, she’s tired of being the bank president’s spinster daughter and equally tired of washing, ironing and cleaning. When, out of the blue, Dry Creek’s town council offers her the job of replacement sheriff, she accepts. And her sheltered world explodes. 

For the first time, Maud enters a saloon, tastes whiskey, learns to shoot, learns to ride a horse and drive a stagecoach, arrests people, and leads men in search parties. Yet she still has time to dream about her long-errant boyfriend, Elijah J. Goodman, off—somewhere—for the past few years. She is convinced they will marry when he returns and hopes it will be soon. But the discovery of gold brings all sorts of unsavory characters to her town, including the threat of the notorious James Mooney Gang. There are rumors of an impending bank robbery. Maud enlists the help of Mayor Seth Critoli, but it’s up to her to save Dry Creek from disaster.

“A light-hearted look at a woman who gets a job nobody else wants and makes it her own. Maud is a spunky, likeable heroine who comes into her own . . . as the town’s protector of law and order.” — Anne Hillerman, NY Times Bestselling Author 

“A well-written thoroughly entertaining romp through the Gold Rush country with a reluctant officer of the law who discovers an aptitude for a job most thought only a man could do.”
— Chris Enss, NY Times Bestselling Author

Doesn’t that sound like a good gift for Mother’s Day?
Melody is also the author of the four Colton Brothers Saga (Border Ambush, Sonoran Rage, Arizona War and Kansas Bleeds). Here’s some info about the first one:

Robbed and beaten by outlaws, stagecoach guard James Colton vows justice and recovery of his grandfather’s watch. Determined to find his heirloom, James hunts the outlaws, only to face an immoral sheriff who gives him no choice but to shoot.

“The action never flags, and Groves has surely found her true calling...her cast of characters, their habits and idiosyncrasies is distinctly rich and right-on. A rip-snorting adventure yarn.” —Albuquerque Journal review

Melody brings her talents and interest in the Southwest to non-fiction titles as well – Hoist a Cold One! Historical Bars of the Southwest; Butterfield Byways; and Ropes, Reins and Rawhide.

Learn more about Melody at her website or Amazon author page.

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