Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#MFRWHooks for Desperate Measures - #Romance and #Suspense Boxed Set

For the blog hop today, I'm thrilled to announce the release of this new collection!

Desperate Measures: 
Limited Edition Collection of Romantic Suspense

From mind twisting thrillers, to pulse pounding suspense, this limited-edition collection from today’s hottest best-selling authors has something for all tastes. Whether you are on the edge of your seat, or curled up into a ball with fright, this set from Romance Collections will not disappoint.

Step inside the minds of these characters. Ride along with them on their journeys. Indulge in their action filled tales of suspense.

The time has come for… Desperate Measures.

Novels by Nicole Morgan,‎ Eva Winters,‎ Maggi Andersen,‎ Aubrey Wynne,‎ Cara Marsi,‎ Samantha Holt,‎ Kris Bock,‎ Kiru Taye,‎ Stacy Deanne,‎ Erin Lee,‎ Janis Susan May,‎ Krista Ames,‎ Michelle Grey

My romantic adventure The Mad Monk’s Treasure is part of the collection. Here's the opening:

Erin could hardly believe what she was seeing. Could this be it? After all this time waiting, searching, had she finally, finally, found what she was looking for?

She forced herself to sit back and take a deep breath. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t rush into things. She wanted to leap up and scream her excitement, but years of academic training held. Slow down, double-check everything, and make sure you are right!

She leaned forward and ran her fingers over the grainy photograph. With that one image, everything seemed to fall into place. This was the clue. It had to be.

She fumbled in her desk drawer for a magnifying glass and studied the symbols in the photo more closely. At a glance, they looked like your standard Indian petroglyphs. You could find them throughout the Southwest, tucked away in caves or scattered among boulder fields. She’d been on a hike just a few miles outside of town which took her past a wonderful series of handprints and spirals, and what looked strangely like a robot.

But this was different.

If she was right—and she had to be right—these symbols were a map. A map that could lead her to one of the greatest caches of buried treasure ever.

Praise for The Mad Monk’s Treasure:

“The story has it all - action, romance, danger, intrigue, lost treasure, not to mention a sizzling relationship....”

“Great balance of history, romance, and adventure. Smart romance with an ‘Indiana Jones’ feel. Well-written with an attention to detail that allowed me to picture exactly in my head how a scene looked and played out.”

Get The Mad Monk’s Treasure and a dozen other romantic suspense and romantic thriller novels for only $.99!

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