Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A #SummerRead New Adult M/M Romance by @ValerieUllmer

Today's guest is Valerie Ullmer, sharing her New Adult M/M Romance, Fall for You.

Ethan Sutton came to the stunning revelation he’d fallen in love with his best friend, Sebastian Young. Although friends since childhood, Ethan vowed to keep his feelings for Sebastian under wraps and live the rest of his life with this one secret between them. He’d rather keep their friendship than risk a lifelong connection and never see him again. But when they move into their own place at the start of their junior year, can Ethan keep his feelings from showing when they live so close together?

Sebastian Young had an epiphany about Ethan at the end of last year. He moved them into a loft he’d found over the summer allowing him to be closer to Ethan. As they settle into their lives in a new place with such close quarters, ex-girlfriends, nosy downstairs neighbors, and Sebastian’s own doubts could put their relationship in jeopardy before it even begins.

Can two best friends admit their feelings and fall in love?

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Ethan’s headache receded to a heavy thrum in the back of his head as a new pain ripped through his chest.  He closed his eyes and debated whether he should head to the library and start on the essay that was due Monday.  But Ethan was too tired to concentrate on his work and besides, he would have to deal with Sebastian’s new relationship sometime.
Although he’d hoped Sebastian would see him as more than a friend, Ethan now understood it had been wishful thinking on his part alone.
Taking a deep breath, Ethan reached for the handle and opened the front door with as much noise as he could make without being obvious.  Although he prepared for what he would see, Ethan sucked in a breath when he spotted a blonde, Sarah he remembered, sitting on Sebastian’s lap with her arms draped over his shoulders as she played with his hair.
Out of patience and in pain, Ethan dropped his backpack on the floor next to the door.  The noise startled Sarah, who glanced at him with wide eyes before she scrambled over to the free spot on the couch next to Sebastian.
Ethan expected Sebastian to ask for some time alone with Sarah, but before he had the chance, Ethan walked toward the kitchen and away from the scene he’d come home to.  Now the power was back on, he wanted to have his first coffee of the day and forget about everything.
He should’ve known better than to get his hopes up.  He never had a chance with Sebastian.  Lesson learned.
“Ethan.”  Sebastian’s voice sounded panicked.
He glanced up and Sebastian's face flashed relief as he moved away from Sarah and strode toward him.  Ethan wanted to turn and avoid the conversation, but at that moment, Sebastian moaned his name and he froze where he stood.
He waited for Sebastian to tell him what he wanted so he could escape.  But when Sebastian came close enough, he banded one arm around Ethan’s waist and with his free hand, cupped the back of Ethan’s neck.  Ethan’s eyes widened as he watched Sebastian move closer to him.
The kiss was better than he’d ever imagined.  A moan escaped Ethan’s tight throat the first moment their lips touched.
It started as a brush of Sebastian’s lips against his.  But when Sebastian tilted his head and deepened the kiss, the shock of pure electricity passed through him and he clutched at Sebastian’s waist.  Ethan opened his mouth in time to swallow Sebastian’s moan, which sounded drawn from deep in his chest, and Ethan lost all control.
He pulled Sebastian closer and groaned when Sebastian’s hard body leaned against his.
Inch by glorious inch their bodies pressed closer as they devoured each other’s mouths until the heat of Sebastian’s body jerked away from him.
Ethan blinked in confusion, desire for more from Sebastian clouded his thought processes, and he focused on Sebastian’s face when someone cleared their throat.
The intensity of Sebastian’s gaze on him stole Ethan’s breath.
Sebastian moved closer and leaned his forehead against Ethan’s.  He ignored the scoffs and mumbling behind Sebastian’s back, not looking away from his beautiful hazel eyes.
“About time,” Sebastian murmured.
Ethan laughed and squeezed Sebastian’s hips.  The move earned him a low growl.
Valerie Ullmer writes paranormal and contemporary M/F and M/M erotic romances. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and their funny and wise black lab. She's addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing character-driven romances.



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