Monday, January 27, 2020

A New Cat Cafe sweet #romance novel is coming soon! #MFRWauthor

Book three of the Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series is almost done! The working title is Tea and Temptation at The Cat Café. I'm a little concerned about fitting "Temptation"on a book cover though.

Here's the opening: 

Zach frowned at the fluffy white cat sprawled across his laptop keyboard. Working at a cat café came with certain challenges. He could hardly blame the cats. After all, he offered them a warm place to sleep and the opportunity to interfere with a human's work. Nirvana.

He sighed and scratched Snowball in her favorite place, her armpit.

Kitten On A Laptop @ Anita_Bonita via Deposit Photos
He hadn't been getting any work done anyway. He was supposed to have his latest novel to his agent in a week, so she could review it and offer feedback, and he could revise it, before sending the manuscript to the publisher in two months. At this rate, he'd finish the book in six months. Or maybe never. He had a hundred pages, but they were so lifeless, he felt like he was moving dolls rather than writing a thriller that was actually, well, thrilling.

He gazed at the cat, her blue eyes half-closed in ecstasy. At least someone was happy.

The door into the cat room opened, but with his mind on his own problems, Zach had only a vague impression of a woman crossing the room.

She threw herself facedown on the padded bench along the wall and groaned.

Zach glanced over.

Long brown hair spilled over a burgundy sweater. Faded jeans hugged her hips and long legs. He couldn't see her face.

She didn't stir, even when Merlin, the Maine Coon who weighed over 20 pounds, walked across her legs and curled up on her back.

Snowball meowed, reminding Zach to keep up the petting.

He got his hand moving again. He needed to get his brain moving. He should be focusing on his story, not shooting glances at the odd woman. But for the first time in months, he felt curious about something. Who was she? Why was she upset? Because something about her actions, that moan, the way her hand curled into a fist on the bench above her head, suggested more than exhaustion. She was angry and miserable. In under a minute, this stranger was more of a real person than any of the cardboard characters in his novel.

That probably said less about her, and more about how far he had fallen from the award-winning, best-selling novelist he'd been the year before.

The door opened again. This time Zach looked over at once, like a theatergoing waiting to see who would enter the stage next.

I hope that by next week I'll have pre-ordered links up. In the meantime, check out the Furrever Friends Cat Café with a free sweet romance novella complete at 10,000 words. Lions and Love at the Cat Café is available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub for free when you sign up for the Kris Bock email newsletterLions and Love at the Cat Café is also on sale for 99 cents. Find it on Kris Bock’s Amazon US page or Amazon UK page. For B&N (Nook), Kobo, and other retailers, check here:

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The Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the workers and customers at a small-town cat café, and the adorable cats and kittens looking for their forever homes. Each book is a complete story with a happy ending for one couple (and maybe more than one rescued cat). These sweet romances will leave you with the warm, fuzzy feeling of cuddling a purring cat.

Kris Bock writes novels of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. Watch as they fall in love with each other and shelter cats. Get a free 10,000-word story set in the world of the Furrever Friends cat café when you sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter. You’ll also get a printable copy of the recipes mentioned in the cat café novels.

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