Wednesday, March 18, 2020

News: Cats, ferrets, books, history, and the double tap mistake #MFRWorg

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I hope you are staying healthy, finding enough toilet paper, and taking some time to enjoy yourself – perhaps with a good book.

Pic: Panda double-checks the supply of toilet paper. Ferrets don't understand the need, but apparently this is an important hoomin thing.

Voice recognition mistake of the day:  In regards to what to do instead of shaking hands, I said "elbow tap is fine as long as people aren't coughing and sneezing into their elbows." My phone voice recognition briefly suggested Elmo tap before switching to double tap. I guess the double tap (shooting someone twice to make sure they're dead) would take care of the problem of virus transmission, but it would create other problems.

If you have kids at home and need to both educate and entertain them, may I recommend two of my middle grade novels (written under the name Chris Eboch).

Ask your local bookstore to order paperback copies, or find the books at Amazon or Amazon UK. (For other countries click here.) Or get them at B&N/NookKobo,  or iBooks.

Teachers who would like lesson plans associated with the book can find them at my website. If you buy a classroom or school set of 6 or more copies, contact me via my website for a free Skype visit.

Café news: Try this great recipe for Chai Tea Shortbread

Cute of the day: I love these “Minimal LandscapeIllustrations For Art And Cat Lovers.”

Things you should be watching: Kitten Rescue, Netflix. In Kittens and Kisses, you meet Jenna, a veterinarian. She's the female lead in Tea and Temptation. Kitten Rescue shows animal control officers in the UK rescuing cats and kittens from a variety of situations. It also shows vets tackling the problems of injured or sick cats and kittens. Warning, there are some rather gruesome surgery scenes, but the host warns you to look away if you have a weak stomach. Also, if you only want success stories, you might want to stop with the first four episodes.

This giveaway event is for romance novels of all heat levels and genres.  Get previews and complete stories in a variety of romance sub-genres. You'll find sweet to sexy, small town to big city. See all the books here.

Coffee and Crushes at the Café is now available free for review from Booksprout. It's also available via Story Origin, but if you already have an account through Booksprout, no doubt you'll find that version easier.

Stay safe everyone!

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