Friday, May 14, 2021

A new “Sweet and innocent romance to make you feel good about people again.” #Romance #sweetromance #contemporaryromance

Out now: Cupcakes and Confessions at The Cat Café: a Furrever Friends Sweet Romance book 6!

I have already received six 5-star reviews from advance readers!

"This story will hit home with anyone who has had to make hard decisions in their lives and have ever wondered what if? ... definitely a book well worth getting your hands on! Highly recommended." 

"The Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series is one of my favorite series of all time. I really love reading about the cat cafe and the romances between different characters in the books. I’ve read all of the books in the series so far and always look forward to reading more. I read this book in one sitting and loved it! I love how these two seemingly awkward characters are so forward with each other which is a good thing yet a bad thing sometimes, but works out... Such a light and wonderful read. Thank you for continuing to write more in this series!!"

A chance meeting changes three lives …

Two years ago, computer genius Sean Gorsuch had a health crisis and sold the tech company he built. Now he works at a cat café, dishing out hot drinks and sweet treats to customers, and lavishing attention on cats. At fifty-two and never married, he might be a little lonely, but how can he find someone who gets his quirky way of seeing the world?

Twenty-three years ago, Fiona Jones gave up her baby for adoption when her teen fiancé abandoned her. Since then, she has spent most of her life alone. A chance meeting with Sean on a plane leads to a startling revelation: his coworker, Holly, looks like a younger version of Fiona. Could Fiona have a second chance with her daughter, now grown up?

Sean helps steady Fiona through the emotional roller coaster of getting to know Holly. Fiona’s life is too complicated for romance, and Sean doesn’t want to get between mother and daughter. Still, something sparks between them. Should they stay just friends or risk their hearts?

“Loved this story…These are well written characters that grab your interest. Love all the Cat Cafe stories.” 

The Furrever Friends Cat Café helps people find furry forever friends – and just might lead to romantic true love too. If you enjoy friends to lovers and mature romance, check out Cupcakes and Confessions at the Cat Café. You’ll also find rescue cats with plenty of personality and their own ideas about what love is.

The Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the workers and customers at the Furrever Friends Cat Café, and the adorable cats and kittens looking for their forever homes. Some characters appear throughout the series, but each book stands alone.

Get it on Amazon for only $2.99 (ebook). Also available in paperback.

Kris Bock writes novels of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. Watch as they fall in love with each other and shelter cats. Get a free 35-page novella set in the world of the Furrever Friends cat café when you sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter. You’ll also get a printable copy of the recipes mentioned in the cat café novels.

Kris also writes romantic suspense set in the Southwestern U.S. If you love Mary Stewart or Barbara Michaels, try Kris Bock’s stories of treasure hunting, archaeology, and intrigue in the Southwest. Learn more at or visit Kris Bock’s Amazon US page or Amazon UK page. (For other countries click here.)

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