Thursday, April 21, 2022

Explore #ChildrensBooks - with some #YALit and #MGLit titles *free* for interested reviewers! Plus lots of #PictureBooks for sale. Check out #Paranormal #ScienceFiction #Historicalfiction #Fantasy and more!

Spring into Reading Kid's Books: Explore lots of picture books and some early readers and middle grade novels. You'll find many animals, from nonfiction about primates to sweet cats and dogs to anthropomorphic foxes and bears to dragons and unicorns. Check out my novels for ages nine and up (written as Chris Eboch): The Genie’s Gift (a fantasy drawing on The Arabian Nights mythology) and The Eyes of Pharaoh (mystery in ancient Egypt) and introduce young people to historical worlds – or enjoy them yourself!

Middle Grade & Young Adult Books for Review: Check out books for young people (or adults who like kid lit) with both realistic and fantasy/sci-fi middle grade and young adult fiction. Each book is FREE in hopes you'll provide an honest review - including Totally Rad Wormhole: A radical time traveling comedy by my brother Douglas Eboch!

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