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Can the Wrong Wedding Gift End a Marriage Before it's Even Begun? Read Crazy to Wed by Madison Michael #contemporaryromance #romanceseries #romcom #steamyromance

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Can the Wrong Wedding Gift End a Marriage Before it's Even Begun?

Gabriella is smart, successful and knows how to get what she wants. She's met the man of her dreams, and soon has wedding bells on the mind.

Brad loves Gabby with his whole heart, supporting her when she works into the wee hours of the morning or travels around the world. He has his music and friends, and a job he loves to keep him busy. Still, Gabby’s success can be intimidating, and her friends can be too.

When Brad wants to propose, Gabby’s best friends get involved, helping with everything from the proposal to the ring. They know an ideal couple when they see one.

Gabby’s ready to give up her job and spend her life with Brad. Her wedding gift to him will prove her love. Or will it? She's accidentally unleashed the biggest argument their relationship has faced so far.

Will she be walking down the aisle in the morning, or will she be a bride without a groom on her wedding day?

You’ll be crazy about this fun and steamy romance! 

Crazy to Wed is available in eBook and Kindle Unlimited exclusively on Amazon or free for joining Madison's author mailing list.


The night in that dark bar when Rachel warned me her friend was going to call, I tried to pick her brain about Brad. But the man-eater was scanning the perimeter of the room. If someone caught her eye, she would be out the door with them in twenty minutes. I needed to work fast if I wanted info before this date. Luckily, that evening the pickings were too young and unappealing, so she returned her focus to our discussion.

"You aren't one of those women desperate for a man," she explained. "You never have been. It's just one of the many reasons I love about you. Look at your life—you have great friends," she gestured to herself, "a close family, challenging work at which you excel. You travel to cool, exotic locations and even volunteer. You are a complete person, interesting and fun without some guy on your arm." I rolled my eyes. "It's a compliment," Rachel insisted. "Brad is the same. Lots of sports, tight with his buddies and his siblings, involved in local politics, not looking for a wife."

The pep talk was great but left me suspicious. "Why is such a paragon interested in meeting me? Is he a dog?"

"No, my dear friend, he's a looker."

Gotta love Rachel. Here I was six weeks later, goo-goo eyed. She'd been right about everything, except being worth the wait. She should have introduced us ages ago. 

Crazy to Wed is available in eBook and Kindle Unlimited exclusively on Amazon or free for joining Madison's author mailing list.


This is a prequel to a series about 8 lifelong friends called the “crazy eights.” Each novel features a romance involving one of the women and can be read standalone. The plot features a bold dare by the group to marry within twelve months so that they can see each other more often – at one another’s wedding. The prequel takes place when the women are twenty-eight, the series and the dare occur ten years later. 

Madison Michael is living her dream as a romance writer. Born and raised in Chicago, she covered the four corners of the U.S, before returning to her roots, friends, family and the best pizza anywhere. 

She loves cats, cat jokes and cat videos, anything with too much sugar, and everything writing. Author of the Beguiling Bachelor romance series, and several stand alone romance novels, she can be found living in Chicago, writing, eating sugar, pizza or hotdogs, surrounded by cats. 

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