Monday, July 10, 2023

Amazon Prime Day is full of incredible deals across millions of products—often half off or more! Check out deals for readers, #audiobook listeners, and anyone who could use more comfort in an office. #PrimeDay #writinglife #reader #booklover

Amazon Prime Day is 7/11-7/12! Prime Day is a 2-day event that includes a multi-week lead-up and lead-out period. It’s full of incredible deals and prices across millions of products—often half off or more!

Reminder: you can only shop for Prime Day deals if you have a Prime membership. Click that link to see the membership benefits and plan options and to start a free trial. 

Or go straight to Prime Day Deals – find laptops and other electronics, smart home devices, clothing, toys, bedding, and more! Readers will want to check out the Kindle E-reader Essentials Bundles

I like this Adjustable Electric Standing Desk, Adjustable Lap Desk, and Sytas Ergonomic Desk Chair. I highly recommend the WAOAW Seat Cushion (I use mine at my desk, on the lawn furniture, for travel—anywhere the seats are too hard!)

Would you like access to thousands of books covered under a low monthly membership? Kindle Unlimited may be for you! I've found lots of new favorite authors by trying their KU books. You can get many of my books as well, such as the Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series. Check out Kindle Unlimited with a Kindle Unlimited Free Trial or explore the membership options.

Visit my Amazon author pages to learn more about books for children by Chris Eboch or the books I write for adults as Kris Bock.

Hot Tip: a Kindle Unlimited subscription makes a great gift!

If you prefer audiobooks, you can grab a Audible Plus Free Trial or check out the membership options.

Hot Tip: This could also make a great gift! Audiobooks work well for people who are having trouble with their eyes or those who are often too busy to read but might have time to listen to a book while driving, doing chores, jogging etc.

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