Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hiking in New Mexico – the Middle of Nowhere #TT #TravelTuesday

These are photos from a recent hike. It isn't any particular hike – in fact, we couldn't find the place we were looking for, so we parked when the rough dirt road we were following ran out, and just walked. This area is just west of San Antonio, New Mexico.

This lizard was proudly perched on a wall of boulders. The rock wall was about three feet high, presumably for drainage control.

An anvil-shaped cloud was growing to the east.

We found a partial geode along with lots of rocks with this swirly white material. I had to message my husband, the geologist, to ask what this was: Hydrothermally deposited quartz – quartz precipitating from a hot fluid, found commonly along faults, commonly the host for gold. But we didn't find any gold.

A red velvet mite. It's hard to tell from this picture, which is zoomed in a lot, but they're tiny – about one quarter the size of a dime. Apparently red velvet mites are found around the world, and some species are MUCH bigger. I've seen them occasionally before, but we saw dozens in one area, so there must of been a recent hatching.

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