Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hiking the Grand Canyon with Dad – Happy Father's Day #fathers

This is my first Father's Day without my father. One of my favorite ways to remember him is hiking. We hiked a lot together in the last decade, whenever my husband and I visited my parents in Arizona. Dad also took my brother and me on our first trip down the Grand Canyon! Later my husband and I went with my father and his hiking group, hiking rim to rim. Last year, Mom, my brother, my husband and I returned to the Grand Canyon and scattered Dad's ashes. Most of these pictures are from the first Canyon hike my brother and I did with Dad.

 Ready to start the hike!

 My brother and father on the trail.

 Dad leading the way.

Dad and me taking a break.

 We made it to the bottom! 
This is near Phantom Ranch where we stayed two nights.

We're wearing different clothes, so this must be on the hike back up.

 And we made it back up again!

The view from near where we scattered Dad's ashes last autumn.*

[You can get permission to scatter ashes, with certain rules and restrictions.]

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