Friday, October 4, 2019

Guest Fran Thomas on The Bride and the Momzillas

Today's guest is Fran Thomas, author of 

The Bride and the Momzillas (Calusa Town Tales Book 4)

Fran says, "My book is the fourth in my Calusa Town Tales series. It continues the story of the couple who met in book two, Southern Hospitality. The town of Calusa is imaginary although it bears a remarkable resemblance to the place I actually live. Like me, some of my characters have come to Florida from Pittsburgh, PA. 

"I love setting stories in a small town where everybody knows everybody. As the former editor of the community newspaper, I have lots of material to draw from. I use a bit of dramatic, or comedic, license to modify the facts, but some of the things in the series really did take place. And of course I change all the names. Wouldn't want anyone to recognize themselves.

"I am very committed to writing happy, upbeat books. There is way too much tragedy in real life. I want to do my part to bring some joy into my readers' lives."

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