Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sweet, Swoon-Worthy #Romance plus #Recipes and Cats

Small towns and big cities, rock stars and Billionaires, Christmas stories ... all in KU, if that helps you. This group promo is for books that are “clean,” with a sweet, mild heat level. Get these books fast! This promotion ends November 8.

In other news ... 

I'm writing a series about a cat café. But I don't have cats. Huh?

I love cats. I have known cats and enjoyed them in small doses. But tragically, I am very allergic to cats, so I cannot let one keep me as a servant. (I'm getting allergy shots, so maybe that will change in the future.)

Instead, my husband and I keep ferrets. They are similar to cats in some ways. When they play, they are as rambunctious as kittens. Like adult cats, they sleep most of the time.

So I will write about a cat cafe, which gives me a chance to look at lots of pictures and videos of adorable cats and kittens. đŸ˜»

Since I’m doing a series set at a cafĂ©, so of course I mention amazing baked goods! In case you missed it here, this recipe for Cookie Dough Brownies is included at the back of Coffee and Crushes at the Cat CafĂ©. I add a from-scratch brownie recipe there, but here's the quicker version, just in time for holiday parties and cookie exchanges!

And my recipe for Cookie Dough Cupcakes is on this blog. A chocolate chip cupcake with a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough in the center, and cookie dough frosting. đŸ˜Č

For a video that inspired a chapter of Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café, watch "Easy Cat Moonlight scenery drawing with Oil Pastels - step by step" on YouTube. It makes art look easy!

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