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Kittens and Kisses at the Cat Café - A Sweet #Romance Pre-order and Excerpt #MFRWhooks

He’s loved her forever. She still sees him as the neighbor kid. Can five desperate kittens bring them together?

Kittens and Kisses at the Cat Café: A Furrever Friends Sweet Romance, Book 2 is now available for preorder!

Marley is a baker at the new Furrever Friends Cat Café, which is still trying to find its footing. Her nine-year-old son, Brian, desperately wants a kitten, but they can’t have pets where they live. Who has the time to date? Just as well that she’s protected her heart since the father of her child disappeared.

Adam has loved Marley since he was 13, and she was his best friend’s free-spirited older sister. Back then, he fantasized about rescuing her from bandits or dragons. Now he’s 24, and the five-year age gap isn’t so serious. He wants nothing more than to become a family with Marley and her son. But will she ever see him as a man?

When someone leaves a box of week-old kittens at the café, Adam jumps at the chance to be a hero. But herding kittens might be tougher than fighting dragons, especially when two of them fail to thrive. Can Adam, Marley, and Brian save the kittens and find a future together?

If you enjoy tropes such as best friend’s sibling / sibling’s best friend, friends to lovers, first love, unrequited love, and older women with younger men, check out Kittens and Kisses at the Cat Café. You'll also find rescue cats with plenty of personality and their own ideas about what love is.

Excerpt: Chapter 1

Adam let himself into the Furrever Friends Cat Café at 6:30 in the morning. He had half an hour until the café opened, an hour until he had to head to his job. It made sense to come to the café early, when his best friend, Kari, wouldn’t need her office. When he wouldn’t have the evening distractions of café employees, and customers playing with cats.
That’s why he arrived so early. It had nothing to do with Marley, singing a folk song in the kitchen as she started the day’s baking.
If you couldn’t lie to yourself, who could you lie to?
He paused in the hallway that led between the cat room on the right and the kitchen on the left. The interior windows on the right offered a view into the cat room. Cats sprawled on the padded benches and chairs or peeked out of hammocks and cat tower boxes. He smiled at the sight.
He turned to the left and paused at the counter where they served food and drinks. In the kitchen behind the serving area, Marley kneaded dough. She didn’t look up. She must not have heard him come in.
Should he announce his presence? At this point, he’d likely startle her by saying something. He forced his feet to move down the hall to the office. He wasn’t there to gawk. He had to figure out their Internet problem.
He indulged himself by leaving the office door open so he could still hear Marley sing. That wasn’t creepy, right? She sang even when she knew people were listening, sometimes. He recognized her current song, “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” as one she sang to her son.
She had an amazing voice. She’d taken lessons, back when they were all kids. Well, when he and Kari were kids, and Marley was a teenager, the beautiful, free-spirited, kind older girl who treated him like a little brother. Despite their five-year age difference, he’d never seen her as a sister. At first, he’d been in awe of her. Later … that was another matter.

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Kris Bock writes novels of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. Watch as they fall in love with each other and with shelter cats. The series begins with Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café.

Kris also writes romantic suspense set in the Southwestern U.S. If you love Mary Stewart or Barbara Michaels, try Kris Bock’s stories of treasure hunting, archaeology, and intrigue in the Southwest.

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  1. As a cat lover, I've added this my Christmas reading list

  2. Great excerpt ... love that he left the door open to hear her.
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  3. Such a sweet attachment. I like that he's trying so hard to make his interest not seem weird or threatening.