Friday, June 3, 2022

Get your Mystery and Suspense novels, from cozy mysteries to edgy thrillers and police procedurals: #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller #Paranormal

A Series Mystery Never Hurt AnyoneTravel the world with mystery and thriller novels this summer! Most are only $.99 to $4.99, and each is part of a series, so get ready to binge!

Mystery, Suspense, Crime,Cozy Mysteries, Police ProceduralsWhether you like your mysteries cozy, edgy or with a paranormal touch, find suspenseful stories to keep your heart racing.

Fur Friends: An All-Genre Book Fair for Storieswith Animal SidekicksIf you're an animal lover, this group is for you! Find mysteries, romance, and paranormal stories – each featuring animal sidekicks.

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