Friday, April 16, 2021

A cozy Alaskan #mystery - #99cents April 16-22 - “A fun story with a great sense of local flavor.” #bookbuzz

Murder on the West Glacier Trail

A cozy Alaskan mystery

Only 99 cents April 16-22

“A fast-paced mystery that keeps you guessing.”

“Hard to put down!

“A fun story with a great sense of local flavor.”

If Kate Foland had known how her bed and breakfast guest would change her life, she might have left her at the airport. 

When Kate’s guest is shot to death while hiking in the Alaskan woods, Kate feels compelled to investigate. Sandra Allison seemed like a perfectly nice young woman. So who would want her dead? Or was Kate the intended victim, since Sandra was wearing Kate’s coat and walking her dog on a dark, rainy evening?

Sandra’s archeology work often caused construction delays while Native artifacts were removed. Did a Juneau builder follow up a threat with a gunshot? Who is the young man Sandra seemed to know and avoid? And why is Kate’s dog, the only known witness to the murder, suddenly acting like a scaredy-cat?

Kate carries her investigation into Juneau’s construction sites, Native community, and scenic areas, against the wishes of her husband and the police. Her son Brad, a Forest Service intern, is her only supporter. But when the killer turns his sights on Brad, Kate must do more than solve a murder—she must save her son.

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Sharon Eboch lived in Juneau, Alaska for eight years. Her work included supervising school bus driver training and Future Problem Solving programs. She is now retired and living in Tempe, Arizona.

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